Traffic Tickets 


Arkansas Traffic Tickets:
What You Need To Know

Everybody knows how annoying it is to receive a traffic ticket, but few are aware of the vast array of collateral consequences that can come with even a single conviction for a traffic violation, such as: 

  • Increased car insurance premiums
  • Accumulation of points on your Driver’s License record, which can result in the suspension of license or requirement that you fulfill other obligations to maintain your licensure. 
  • Paying a greater fine than you may have otherwise been able to negotiate.
  • Making it harder to negotiate future traffic tickets in a manner that keeps them off of your record

Whether you hold a Commercial Driver’s License or not, you NEED your ability to drive and to do so legally and affordably. Call today to ensure that any ticket you receive is handled in a competent, effective manner that results in the least amount (preferably no) damage to your driver record. 

Our attorneys have no problem taking a ticket to trial. We understand the significance of these cases. There is no such thing as a “small” case, and traffic cases must be prepared like any other—as though they are proceeding to trial. It is only then that our attorneys can leverage that extensive preparation into the best results for our clients.  

Our attorneys are very familiar with the Department of Finance & Administration (Arkansas’s version of the DMV) and their internal regulations regarding traffic violations and point accumulation. We represent Arkansans and those traveling through the Natural State on traffic tickets throughout Central Arkansas. Call our winning team today!

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