Adverse Administrative Decisions

Do not dismiss administrative action as trivial simply because it has not (yet) led to criminal charges.

Protect Your Rights From
Adverse Administrative Decisions

There are certain administrative processes that can result in adverse consequences. For example, DHS maintains a Child Maltreatment Central Registry. When the Arkansas Crimes Against Children hotline receives a report of alleged abuse, it investigates the allegation and places the person’s name on the registry if it is found to be true.


While being on the Child Maltreatment Registry does not carry any loss of liberty in the form of jail time, it can have a major impact on one’s life. People on the registry may not work or volunteer in any setting that involves being responsible for the care of another person such as schools, daycares, hospitals, and nursing homes. Further, people on the registry are prevented from adopting or becoming a foster parent.

Typically, most adverse administrative decisions allow only a short window of time file for an appeal, and the requirements for doing so are very precise. Administrative decisions are usually reviewed at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, where you can call witnesses and submit documents as evidence. Lassiter & Cassinelli attorneys have extensive experience in administrative appeals.

Allegations resulting in administrative proceedings often also result in criminal charges. Thus, what you do or say in an administrative context can have major implications in a criminal case down the line. Do not dismiss such administrative action as trivial simply because it has not (yet) led to criminal charges. Call today and let us guide you through the administrative process.

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